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Welcome to the new social media website for the 317th Engineer Alumni Association. This website is dedicated to those who have served as a member of the 317th Engineer Battalion. Whether it was while the unit was assigned to Europe, or back here in the states, you are welcome to participate.

As part of the new website, we have added a social media aspect to the site in order to allow you to create an account and interact with one another, rather than just a stagnate website. In addition, we have added a forums section where users can have focused discussions. As you will see there is a forum for each era of the 317th, as well as for each company. In these forums you may discuss memories, ISO's (In Search Of), discuss upcoming reunions or get-together's, or anything else related to that particular forum. Since the forum's are new, there is not much discussion at the moment but that is where you come into play. Take time to stop by and introduce yourself and let others know you are here.

UPDATE- After many issue with Spammers attacking our website, we have implement new measures to minimize those attacks. One of the new measures includes a verification system to ensure that an actual human is attempting to create an account or login. You will have to match pictures to the word that the system lists in order to login. We have already seen a total elimination of the successful login's and postings of internet bots out there. This means that you will no longer receive random private messages in the system.


I never thought I would find myself at this place again. A few years ago, I felt so strongly about the placement of a military service medal that the Secretary of Defense created for recognition of Drone Pilots. I had no issue with the recognition of the pilots but did have an issue with the order of precedence in which it was placed. I decided to take action and created a petition on whitehouse.gov. That petition gained steam and ended up being picked up by local and main stream media worldwide, eventually the outrage was so much that the Pentagon reversed its decision on the medal.

Just recently, the official design of the National Desert Storm Memorial in DC was unveiled. The design is very nice and I know that those who have worked on it, have worked hard on the design. The one issue I have...they purposely decided to exclude the names of the less than 300 coalition forces who died while deployed. To me, this is unacceptable. Less than 300 names does not require a major modification but I believe, should be included. As veterans, we always use the phrase “Never Forgotten” in regards to our brothers and sisters who died in the line of service. There is never a time where that matters more than right now. If we do not get this decision changed there will not be a place in DC where generations can go and read the name of those who died during the Gulf War, including the names of PFC Scott Alan Rush and SPC Gary Wayne Crask, who were our brothers who never made it back.

I ask that all of my fellow brothers and sisters who served and believe that we should never forget, to sign and share my petition below so that we can start this process of overturning this decision. I also ask that all of my friends to sign and share with your friends and family so that we can get as many signatures as we can. We have to get 100,000 signatures in 100 days in order to get this petition moved along. If we can get the signatures, we can get the attention of the Commission of Fine Arts, which is responsible for the approval.

Click link below to sign the petition
Please Sign Petition Here

Thanks for your time!
John Evans