There have been some recent issues with Spammers creating fake accounts on here and messaging users. I apologize for this and am taking actions to correct. One of the challenges with creating a site such as this one is that it does attract attention and requires more robust security protections...this means additional costs. Since I do not charge for this website, those costs fall upon me to cover. At current, I have invested @ $1,300 in the website upgrade and will be spending another $100 to add additional website protections to try and prevent these attacks from happen. I would ask that if you are appreciative of this website project and would like to see it continue, please consider donating a little bit to help defray the expenses, it would be a big help. You can donate via credit card by utilizing the Donate link on the menu above. If you would prefer to mail a check or money order, please contact me at [email protected] and I will provide you my mailing address. - Thanks - John Evans

Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED 317th Engineer Alumni Association!

Welcome to the new social media website for the 317th Engineer Alumni Association. This website is dedicated to those who have served as a member of the 317th Engineer Battalion. Whether it was while the unit was assigned to Europe, or back here in the states, you are welcome to participate.

As part of the new website, we have added a social media aspect to the site in order to allow you to create an account and interact with one another, rather than just a stagnate website. In addition, we have added a forums section where users can have focused discussions. As you will see there is a forum for each era of the 317th, as well as for each company. In these forums you may discuss memories, ISO's (In Search Of), discuss upcoming reunions or get-together's, or anything else related to that particular forum. Since the forum's are new, there is not much discussion at the moment but that is where you come into play. Take time to stop by and introduce yourself and let others know you are here.