Frank E. Ammon

Frank E. Ammon

June 1st, 1966 - December 25th, 1994

Frank Ammon passed away on December 25th, 1994 in Germany at the age of 28. Frank is burried at Los Gatos Memorial Park in San Jose, California

Tributes and Memories

If you are a family member, friend or served with our fallen brother, please post stories or memories below to share with everyone so that we can remember his life.

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John Bayer John Bayer wrote on July 30, 2020 at 8:28 pm
Ammon was our PLT Jeep driver. Quiet but always ready. He and the rest of the HQ squad were excellent mechanics and kept our equipment ready to roll. Two memories that stick out. During Reforger ‘88 convoy we had rear axel issue. We jury rigged a tree to hold up the left rear counter balanced by new siting on it. Ammon drove us 10 miles to next fuel stop where we got the repair completed. Seeing his face after we got ready to drive (with trailer and tree) was priceless. Other memory was during Graf or Hoenfelds training when he was too tired to drive so we traded helmets and when we got to a gate I had to remind him to salute the guard. My helmet was too sized too large for him so you can Imagine what I looked like in his helmet. Gone too soon!
Michael Heckert Michael Heckert from Waukesha,WI. wrote on April 29, 2017 at 6:15 pm
I found this by pure luck. I was stationed with Frank there for 2 years where we became great friends and the best spades players there ever was. I have the fond memory of me and him drinking a rack of beer and stealing a x mas tree from a lot for his mother in law. Then we were stationed at Ft. Ord.until we both were discharged. Franky was from San Jose where we spent almost every weekend with his mom and sister two of the greatest and nicest people that I feel fortunate to meet. I remember the first time going over to the house and Frank laughing his ass off at me of the expression on my face of his mom chanting in front of her shrine. I also remember how they would have me over for the holidays​ and treated me as one of the family. I would like to say thanks. I still to this day have a photo of him on my mantle the rest I gave to his sister in law for his kids. He has always been missed what a great and funny guy he was. R. I. P my friend.